Relaxation Massages

Many live their stressful lives day to day without taking any time off just for them. Everyone deserves a well needed moment of relaxation and this massage is just the right technique for that. It will relax your mind and body, giving you a break from the stress of your life.

This type of massage is strictly for rest and relaxation. This massage technique is not designed for therapeutic effects or for dealing with chronic pain or discomfort. It's purpose is to relax you and make you feel good by gentle kneading and rubbing of the outer layers of the body tissue. It will cover a wide range of areas on the body including the back, legs, arms and neck.


Melt Away Tension and De-Stress

Usually a relaxation massage can be modified and tailored to your specific desires. The massage takes place in a quiet, comforting environment, with your choice of any music or candlelight in the background.

Relaxation massage is a smooth, gentle style of massage designed to improve circulation, range of movement, relief minor muscle pain, and promote overall relaxation. Most people don't take enough time off for themselves anymore. It's about time you've pampered yourself with a relaxation massage!

High quality aromatherapy oils can heighten the holistic experience of the massage and allow for greater relaxation and restoration of one's energy balance. Of course, unscented oil is also an option. The oil produces a more slippery surface for the therapist to work on, so there is no pulling of the skin. During the massage, the patient can remain quiet and simply explore their own personal thoughts in their head, or they can chat with the therapist if so desired. The session can be personalized to be exactly how you like it.

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The pressure of the massage (light, medium, or deep) depends on your own comfort zone, as each spa massage treatment can be custom designed to suit your desires. This is why spa treatments ask clients to show up approximately twenty minutes before their appointment so that their own personal massage therapy session can be designed and ready. Clients are also encouraged to feel free to request any adjustments during the treatment in order to achieve the most comfortable experience.

However the techniques used must keep in mind that an aging body requires a little extra tender loving care. Specially trained Registered Massage Therapists are aware that an elderly body must be positioned carefully on a massage table, compared to a healthy 30-year-old body. Great care is taken in the positioning of an elderly client, and once positioned on the massage table, a senior will rarely ever be asked to move, as is so typical with other types of massage.

There are several different types of massage lotions available to choose from. Most lotions available are commonly a blend of oils (some blend sweet almond oil with sunflower oil) to develop a uniquely special texture.

With soft hands and by properly using their body weight and the correct breathing, the massage therapist invites the client to let go, release his or her muscles and rediscover his or her senses. The maneuvers are applied directly to the skin using massage oil, and the pace and depth of the maneuvers are varied. Given in a spirit of respect for the integrity of the individual, Californian also leaves ample room for creativity and personalization. And though it is passive, the recipient plays an important part by being conscious of his or her being.

Based on a well defined and fluid series of maneuvers, Californian massage is characterized by long and enveloping movements.