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With so much work, family matters, and other things one needs to simultaneously attend to, less time is dedicated to personal relaxing time which can then lead to unhealthy overall well-being. One of the most recommended ways to de-stress and just let your overall well-being rejuvenate is through a massage therapy. According to experts, massage therapy is deemed as a complementary and alternative medical treatment which accordsa wide range of benefits on the physical, emotional, and physiological states of a person. Through massage therapy, one can gain a more balanced life.

Specifically in Edmonton, the Body Care Therapy is one of the most trusted massage therapy providers, offering various kinds of massage therapy at affordable costs. Among the massage therapies we offer include full body massage, deep tissue massage, hot stone and hot oil massage, and shiatsu massage. These massages are performed by our team of highly skilled and certified massage therapists who will make sure that our clients will be accorded their well-deserved relaxing time.

Focusing now on the different types of our massage therapy services, our full body massage is intended for those who want to relieve stress and help their body regain strength after a very stressful week. The hot stone massage, on the other, can help ease muscle tension and tenderness, and improve body circulation. We also have hot oil massage which can aid in relieving fatigue and enhancing immune system. The Shiatsu massage, another expertise of ours, is a Japanese physical therapy technique which utilizes touch and relaxing pressure and other manipulative techniques to help the body achieve a balanced energy flow. And as for our deep tissues massage, this massage technique focuses on restoring normal movement of the muscle after a chronic muscle injury and other muscle pain such as stiff neck, back pain, and swollen shoulders. Again, we offer these services for those based in and around the Edmonton areas.

Whether you just want to have a quality relaxing time for yourself or recuperating from a chronic muscle injury, the Body Care Therapy can provide you the right type of massage therapy that your body needs at affordable rates! We have a full body massage, hot stone and hot oil massage therapy, and Shiatsu massage among others. Visit our place now in Edmonton and let our staff help you!


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